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With the post-pandemic era urging companies to transform to online structures, offline pet stores are struggling to make a stable income. Many are transforming into online businesses to expand their customer base. Hence there is increasing competition within the industry. Increasing online traffic and subsequent rises in online purchases, should not bog down your business website. Our extensive knowledge about the online pet industry allows us to offer effective online solutions, enabling smooth communication which subsequently increases business. We create a mix of automated and manual services that simplifies order processing. Automated services include abandoned cart reminders, monthly subscription payment reminders, empowering customers to order without human intervention etc.
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Digital transformation
Converting your offline business to an online-only solution, digital transformation is the first step to an online business and, if done well, it opens you up to a wide range of customers. We identify aspects of your business that must undergo digital transformation and outline a step by step process for the initiation
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Brand strategy
How do you want to represent your brand online? A good brand strategy starts with a strong sentiment. We create a consistent brand image with a step by step deliberation process. Our strategy involves many aspects of digital marketing so you can rest assured that you will get a rounded transformation
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E-commerce development
An e-commerce website is crucial for a self-service style business. Companies seeing a sudden spike in online activities must re-align their objectives to ensure customers have access to smooth websites that don’t deter increasing online traffic. Our e-commerce websites hold large groups of buyers at once
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CMS development
Content converts. There is no better way to engage customers than through words that resonate with buyers. We create a CMS that gives you 90% control of all content changes. It helps you keep track of buyers, manually process orders and produce high-quality SEO content every time
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Graphic Design
Digital transformation may finally give you the opportunity to reassess your existing brand colour palettes. ‘Design’ includes everything from logo design, brand collateral, graphic design etc. After thorough market research and competitor analysis, we create a consistent design that best matches your brand identity
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Digital marketing
Touch thousands of lives with the power of digital marketing. This includes online advertising and social media marketing. After a thorough keyword analysis, we identify platforms that will be most fruitful for your business. Advertising coined with social media interaction creates a prosperous pet industry
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