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Offline selling has always been a preferred medium to highlight the latest industry standards in aircraft technologies. However, with a sudden shift to an online marketing environment, aerospace industries are struggling to find buyers for their vehicles. In 2020, the European defence proposed a 16% reduction in defence intelligence, which includes aircraft and spacecraft technologies. But, with the pandemic hitting us in 2020, the sales for aircraft and spacecraft reduced by 25% experts suggest the sales department may take more than 3 years to recover from this loss. With 6+ years of experience in digital marketing and software technology, we create proper online marketing channels enabling you to meet the right buyers for aircraft and spaces crafts while maintaining safety. Applications that reduce workflow also improve internal communication which affects the production speed.
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Digital Transformation Strategy
Start with a solid transformation strategy. We begin with a roadmap catered to aerospace engineering. It is backed with research. The roadmap acknowledges the departments requiring transformation, the transformation duration, technologies used, and the possible skill set your organization must learn to complete the process
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360 Platform development
With offline selling platforms at a gradual decline, immersive virtual platforms may be a better selling environment. Create interactive experiences where buyers can attend realistic seminars, discuss queries, partake in surveys, polls, quizzes and so much more. VR platforms also ensure conversations and faster conversions
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Data reporting and iteration
Online assets like websites, social media accounts etc, store vital consumer data. We collect data, analyse it and convert it into comprehensive information. With heatmaps, video recordings and data gathered over time, you can forgo ineffective marketing initiatives and focus more on activities that bring sales
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Lead generation
Reduce marketing efforts by putting proper lead generation techniques in place. Integrating data analytics with lead generation will ensure you get better quality conversions with every marketing initiative. A rounded lead generation strategy will notify us of warm leads and hence give us a better chance to convert the lead
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Email marketing
Stay in touch with customers who have either made a purchase in the past or have garnered genuine interest in your product. The aerospace industry caters to a variety of customers, hence, having a system that will keep your customers connected and up to date with new releases, offers and legal information would make a big difference
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Search engine optimisation
Optimising online assets like websites, online marketing channels will improve conversions through organic searches. With all our buyers shifting online, it is perhaps one of the most important step in the current marketing scenario. We will optimise all online assets to search engine guidelines to keep you ahead of competition
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