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About the service

Welcome to the new era of data storage and accessibility. Webzenia uses the latest programs and tools to store even the most delicate brand information. With a digital storage system in place, you can not only keep your information secure, but control who gets accessibility and to what degree.

Why Webzenia for cloud data management?

Easily organise your data and secure it on the cloud

Updated secure systems

Our security systems are periodically updated to the latest versions to make sure your data is safely stored in modern infrastructure.

Advanced disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery system restores the latest website backups, giving you enough time to get things running back in order.


Let your data grow along with you as you venture on new journeys. Scale your data up/down as per your storage requirements.

Controlled Access

Access data from anywhere. Let many people work with data and control which department accesses which piece of information.

Automatic Updates

As you cross hurdles and surpass expectations at work, we back up your recent discoveries. We have your back.


Outsourcing cloud data management is ideal for the long run. Reduce carbon footprint and move to a cleaner, greener organization.

"We had given our website development project to webzenia which they designed very well and completed the work on time. They have got professional team which is very active and ensure that the client is satisfied"

Ramkumar Iyer

Our stats

Business growth is impossible without cloud data management

200 TB+

data managed and secured for 1000+ companies worldwide

112 M+

data points managed accross cloud servers worldwide


average savings for clients switching to managed cloud data

Protect your data in 3 simple steps

Reduce hurdles with a full proof data protection system


Mitigate data risk

Detect potential threats and mitigate them with updated security software. Store automated ransomware proof backups to secure data.


Modernise and automate

Scale data growth with business growth and automate management and storage systems to eliminate manual labour.


Fast track to the cloud

Simplify data management by archiving old data to cloud and extending protection to newer cloud services.

"The team is extremely professional and they put in a lot of thought and analysis in creating the content. Our website created by them is well appreciated by many of our customers. We highly recommend them!!!"

Viraj Roongta

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