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E-Commerce Development
There are more than 1.92 billion shoppers online and about 24 million eCommerce websites in the world. This means that while there are a lot of opportunities for eCommerce markets, there’s also a lot of competition. Let us break away from the competition and build an eCommerce website that sticks
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About the service

With more people learning about online safety and trusting e-commerce websites with their personal details, now is one of the best times to emerge as an e-commerce business. However, the sudden rise in e-commerce shops is leading to saturation.

For e-commerce websites to work it must connect with customers, so that they want to associate with the brand. This requires systematic planning, brainstorming and top notch development skills. This is where Webzenia can put its years of experience in e-commerce development to use, and build you a successful website.

Why Choose Us?

Better visibility

Make your products desirable by showcasing them in a systematic order. We include semantic search options to ensure easy product discovery

Maximize sales and revenue

It is devastating when customers leave because the site is not performing well. Our eCommerce websites are made for maximum sit visits and higher ROI

Optimised for search engines

Rank higher than competitors with the newest SEO techniques. Optimisation methods are always changing hence we stay updated with our vault of knowledge

Integrate 3rd party systems

Integrate your website with tools that ensure minimal human intervention. Automated mailing, invoicing, shipping information etc cater to a good customer experience

Track performance

Know what works for customers with credible analytics. We use a set of complex data tracking methods to ensure all information is accurate and comprehensive

Secure solutions

Both customers and business owners benefit from secure solutions. Keep customers safe with SSL certificates, HTTPS, 2-factor authentication etc

"We had given our website development project to webzenia which they designed very well and completed the work on time. They have got professional team which is very active and ensure that the client is satisfied"

Ramkumar Iyer
E-Commerce Development

Why invest in B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions?

Offer services to anyone at any time without any human intervention
Order optimisation
Automatic integration
Assembling information
Safe shopping options
Fast implementation
24-hour availability

Order optimisation

With an eCommerce website, capable of storing data, you can create unique purchasing paths proven to work within your niche. Customers feel more at ease to browse through products and make purchases when they encounter a smooth ordering process

Automatic integration

Automate price updates and integrate data from internal and external sources without hindering the ordering process. Automated integration helps maintain data consistency and timeliness thereby adding to your brand authenticity

Assembling information

Aggregate essential information like trading conditions, inventories etc for B2B customers. Update information without manual interventions. Niches that run on updated legal information or currency exchange rates, benefit from this feature

Safe shopping options

Provide safe eCommerce solutions that work on all devices and offers a smooth browsing and payment process. This simplifies the browsing process and allows customers to checkout with their products while maintaining their privacy

Fast implementation

E-commerce tools are improving by the second. By implementing the latest tools on your website, you can enhance UX and subsequently increase sales. We offer smooth integration that does not hinder customer interactions with the website

24-hour availability

A good eCommerce website should empower customers to make a purchase whenever they want. Offer smooth website interactions without any human intervention, giving customers the ultimate power of shopping any time, at any hour

Our stats

Customer satisfaction lies at our core. Here are our stats to prove it


eCommerce websites created


average retention rate on e-commerce websites developed by us


Dedicated teams for eCommerce development

Our Process

Empower your customers. Empower yourself


Understanding your brand

Our first step is to understand what you want to achieve with your eCommerce website. Who is your target audience? Your niche? And so on. This is a crucial step for designing your eCommerce website and it sets the tone for the rest of the project



After collecting essential information, we create a basic outline for your website. The wireframe is a vague outline of how the website will display products. It will also show what will be interlinked and will give us a vague optimisation objective



A good design can make a massive difference in sales, especially when you largely depend on first impressions for conversions. We spend a lot of time on market research and experimenting with colour palettes and design templates to find the best fit



Good website speed creates a solid impression. Potential buyers leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. We focus on website optimisation right front the start and speed is one of the most important elements of website optimisation


Testing and launch

Once we have designed and developed your website and conducted multiple quality checks, we will set a date for the launch. We always launch websites when potential buyers are most active online. This increases the chances of higher website visits


Post launch maintenance

Our journey doesn’t end when the website is launched. Websites require routine maintenance and security/tool updates. This keeps the website smooth and allows it to perform at its optimum best. You have us on your side for a lifetime of maintenance

"The team is extremely professional and they put in a lot of thought and analysis in creating the content. Our website created by them is well appreciated by many of our customers. We highly recommend them!!!"

Viraj Roongta

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