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Data has been a crucial part of our lives since we started using computers. The concept of ‘big data’ first manifested in 2001 and it gradually got incorporated into big online companies. During the early 2000s, popular search engines, eCommerce websites and social media handles were analysing data to enhance customer experience. As more companies started going online in the next two decades, data became more accessible to SMEs. The market value of this industry grew to around $193.14 billion in 2019 and is estimated to rise to $420.98 billion by 2027. Currently, the primary struggle for the data industry is marketing data collection tools because many companies are unaware of the power of data. Additionally, data security and management becomes increasingly challenging as data grows into complex structures.
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Related Capabilties
UI/UX design
Part of why SMEs fail to optimise data is because most enterprises fail to understand the true potential of data. The first step to clear communication is a user-friendly design. Our attempt is to enhance customer experience and minimise the gap with customers through a simple yet effective front end design
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LinkedIn marketing
The data industry largely caters to B2B industries. Since most B2B companies create a presence on LinkedIn, having a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy will make your services known to more prospects. We create organic and paid content strategies specific to LinkedIn for consistent business growth
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Website development
Build a fast, responsive website, optimized for search engines. In the post-pandemic scenario, one cannot think of starting a business without a good website. A website builds trust and is an easy source for connections. A good experience on your website leads to lasting impressions and possible conversions
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Data security
With large amounts of data dispersed into our systems, and a complex data ecosystem, maintaining security poses its challenges. Conversely, data security builds trust and long term relationships. One can never be too secure with data, hence, outsourcing some of the security challenges can open new opportunities
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Blog writing
While web pages appear in just a few searches, blog articles provide multiple opportunities to connect with customers. It also establishes a friendlier, more accessible persona, prospects feel comfortable connecting with. We research keywords, create detailed content outlines, write and publish articles
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There is no better way to connect with customers than with words. A good brand copy connects with customers and shows how a data collection tool will solve problems while maintaining an emotional connection. A lot of hard work goes into easeful copy and we are dedicated to writing copy that best explains your brand
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