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50% of the Indian population is engaged in farming but farming only contributes to 18% of the nation's GDP. While India has extensive amounts of irrigated lands our farming productivity lies between 20 - 40% of its true potential. Our agriculture department is facing stagnancy because of a reluctance to digitalise the industry. But digitalisation can cut the middle man and open up opportunities for farmers. With farmers and agriculturalists and improve their lives while still maintaining competitive prices. Our experience in digital marketing can create low-cost solutions that empower agriculturalists right at the ground level. Apart from online selling solutions, bespoke applications that automate certain internal processes will free your hands and open you up to new business opportunities.
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E-commerce development
Connect with buyers and sellers directly on an e-commerce solution. Have complete control of product prices and displays. Add/remove produce and change prices according to your expenses. An e-commerce website will reclaim your power and allow you to manage sales and take control of your earnings
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Brand collateral
What makes your brand unique? Establishing a clear brand ideal brings about a sense of familiarity. Customers are likely to purchase from a brand that shows consistency and predictability. We help you create branding materials like business cards, brand merchandise or anything that makes your brand whole
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Social media marketing
Find your ideal group of customers with lively social media handles. Create posters, banners and let your social media followers be the first to know of the latest discounts, events and so on. We identify which platforms are the most fruitful for you and look at the type of content/trends that will benefit your niche
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Packaging design
Good packaging showcases your product in the best light. Our experienced designers create package labels that are the perfect companion to your product. Additionally, we research and strategize with different methods and create a personalised package design intended to strike a personal chord with customers
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Digital strategy
Adapting digital technology into agriculture is perhaps the most challenging for agriculturalists. This is the main reason why many stay away from the online world and the prosperity it will give them. We are here to develop a step by step digital strategy that will smoothly transition aspects of your business into an online structure
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Brand strategy
The difference between a professional brand and an amateur brand is ‘brand strategy’. Logo design, colour palettes, web design, brand personality - all these elements can be very intimidating if done at once. We help you create a systematic brand strategy that helps you stay consistent with how you project your brand
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