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Data security avenues

Companies embarking on the online journey must prioritise data security


Access control

Backups & recovery


Data masking


Verification: A simple process  that comes a long way

We develop simple authentication programs that verifies the user’s identity before giving them access

Customise access based on department needs

We automate access control features that can restrict a user's access based on the departments they work in

Mitigate risks with periodic backups

Periodic backups and recovery systems ensure that you never lose data in unforeseen circumstances

Encrypt data for an extra layer of security

We add a layer of security by converting all sensitive data to code. This avoids unauthorized access from third parties

Create realistic masks to protect sensitive data

Keep your company safe from potential threats. Protect sensitive data, with realistic organisational data

Create tokens for hyper sensitive data

We use the tokenization method to further protect your data. It changes protected information to codes
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Our data security solutions

We provide a diverse range of data security solutions for companies requiring multiple online secure avenues.

Cloud data security

Securely managing cloud data and protecting all cloud applications from breaches

Data encryption

Providing tokenization and other security solutions to protect delicate data

Enterprise data security

Protecting large sections of crucial data for an enterprise to function securely online

Payment security

Ensuring that payment gateways are secure, we provide end-to-end encryption, and tokenisation to maintain PCI security standards

Email security

We provide end-to-end encryption solutions for emails  to protect sensitive data like personal identity and health information

Web browser security

We protect sensitive customer history and crucial company data from breaches through secure hosting systems

Why data security?

Brand strategy, consumer behaviour, intellectual property and other crucial data must be protected from unauthorised access. But with the increase in breaches and infiltration attempts, it has become mandatory for companies to have up-to-date data security systems in place.

Webzenia has years of experience in data protection and security. We use a combination of security software and trained staff to make sure your data is in safe hands. Growing online has never been as stress-free as it is with Webzenia on your side.
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