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UI & UX design changes the way customers interact with online assets

39% of consumers say that they stop interacting with a website if the images don’t load fast enough
88% of users don’t come back to a website if they were not satisfied with the user experience, the first time
40% of users are like to leave a website if it does not load within the next three seconds
70% of consumers look at lists with bullet points, and 55% of customers read paragraphs
85% of consumers say that they expect the mobile version of a website should be just as good, if not better
We research, brainstorm, design, test and go back to the drawing board until we create UI and UX design that matches customer interests. After we make the project live we continue to study customer response and record the progress
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Design tools we use

We produce effective designs in record time. Here are the design tools that help us shape up your online assets


Milanote is the first step to every design concept. It helps us see our idea on paper. We conduct research and test our initial ideas on it.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD helps us flesh out our brainstormed ideas into wireframes. We create impactful designs while still meeting deadlines each time.


Another handy tool for mock-ups and prototypes. Projects that need extensive usability testing are done through the Figma application.


Invision is the perfect tool for easier communication, collaboration and faster prototype creation. It also provides better documentation tools.


We use Sketch for those who require a low-cost solution in less time. Sketch has an inventory of pre-made symbols and provides faster sizing.


Framer is the ultimate game design tool. It provides faster prototyping and multiplayer editing options for that pixel-perfect interactive game idea.

Why Webzenia for UI & UX design?

Multiple-step process

We follow a multiple-step process where ideas get concretised only after multiple iterations and scenarios.

Psychologically proven iterations

Our designs are easy on the eyes and require the least amount of effort for potential users to convert.

Result oriented strategies

Every 1$ spent on good UX leads to a 100$ return. We enrich user experiences with crisp front-end design.

Reduce cognitive load

Front-end designs are made for the fast-paced world where viewers can manoeuvre a website with minimal effort.


Consistency leads to familiarity, which then leads to functionality. Our designs are kept uniform on all online assets.

Data Collection & Analysis

‘To er is to human,’ hence AI may outperform humans on functions that collect and analyze large amounts of data.

Our stats

Helping brands create the best experiences worldwide


average increase in user retention for our UI & UX design clients


average increase in app downloads on Play Store and App Store 


UI & UX projects done for our clients worldwide

Our process

Systematic processes that highlight conscious design choices, chosen specifically for your niche.


Industry research

Industry research is crucial for UI and UX design. It shapes our understanding of industry requirements, trends, customer habits, how the industry is evolving and how we can use UI and UX to keep customers engaged within your niche.


Surveying existing customers

Asking customers what they would like improved/added/removed from your website/mobile app is an ideal starting point for the project. It pushes us in the right direction and helps create relevant UI/UX designs for your front end.


Planning & deliberation

After researching and data collecting, we brainstorm potential ideas. We mix colour palettes, pick font styles and create design elements, leaving slots for photos and videos etc., and create the best fit for your website/mobile application.


UI Design team joins

The brainstorming process sets us on the right track and the UI team joins us to establish the final touches of the design. They position tabs, determine the number of clickable items on each page, the number of steps in a buyer journey etc.


Creating compatible designs

Design means nothing if it cannot be developed. Hence, we involve our development team at this point to make sure our vision can come to life without compromising website/application speed, functionality and ease of use.



Lastly, we make tweaks and adjustments until we get approval from your side. On approval, we send the design forward to our development team and bring the website/application to life. It’s a waiting game from then on before your design goes live!

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