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Our Data Reporting And Iteration Capabilities

Our data whisperers highlight successes and failures overlooked by inexperienced analysts.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Analysing data and interpreting their meaning

Data Monitoring

Segregating data on the basis of importance

Timely Reporting

Prompt response encourages you to take immediate action

Iterating Fruitful Data

Prompt response encourages you to take immediate action

Artifical intelligence for different niches

We can use AI in every department for unique solutions

Scientific Research

AI plays a key role in predicting and mapping data to speed up scientific research that would otherwise take decades.


AI has a big part to play in autopilot modes often seen in modern aeroplanes and cargo ships.


AI can be integrated into the health field to avoid medical errors, monitor patients and provide unparalleled patient care.

Lifestyle & Comfort

We can send mails, order groceries and flip through television channels with a simple verbal command to AI VAs.

Online Security

As more companies shift their data online, the need for AI devices to act against potential threats is a mandatory requirement.

Data Collection & Analysis

‘To er is to human,’ hence AI may outperform humans on functions that collect and analyze large amounts of data.

Our process

A key to a successful project is a tried and tested process


Application Design

How do you want to apply VR to your niche? We begin with this question. A document outlines your goals, story, UI objectives, data collection and accessibility. With time we tweak our original plan till launch day



With a solid framework idea, we deliberate on your first project prototype. This prototype solidifies your vision. It’s not perfect; in fact, it brings all the project flaws under the spotlight, giving us enough time to rectify them.


Graphic Design

Our designers work together to create the platform design, 3D models, lighting, movements and VR optimisation. This process takes anywhere from days to weeks depending on how intricate the final design will be.



Once the design is finalised, we begin with the development process. Our developers go back to the original project plan and work alongside designers to create a VR platform that blows life into your vision.



All VR projects go through multiple tests at every development stage of the project. We look out for bugs, glitches and conduct a thorough penetration test to protect users from hacking and phishing attempts.



Once we have a platform, true to your vision we are ready for launch. Our team assists with the installation, application management and ongoing training that follows. We never miss our deadlines!

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