Natural Cooling Units

  • The Natural cooling concept is designed to provide optimum energy saving and comfort for
    the operation of GSM equipment in the base station.
  • The main feature of this solution is the prima facie there are no active components involved
    in the solution.


This side mount panel air conditioner is meant to suit your cooling needs. It is a versatile design that comes in a range of sizes and capacities so that you can choose the best model for your requirements. The table below gives a detailed understanding of the product strengths and limitations.

Cooling CapacityL35L35Watts300500
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz230V/1/50
Rated CurrentAmps1.32.4
Air FlowM3/hr175255
Power ConsumptionL35L35Watts225300
Operating Temperature RangesDeg C20-55
Unit Dimension   
Unit WeightKgs1925
Protection CategoryInternal IP54IP54

To increase the efficiency, it works with a high static backward curved fan. It allows for better performance and sensible cooling. The micro – controller allows you to be in charge of the cooling system and this leads to a sensible and efficient cooling system.


  • GI Powder coated body
  • Rain shelter to prevent water seepage
  • Mill finish Turbo ventilator
  • Fully programmable microcontroller
  • HT/LT switch

Product Benefits

  • Simple
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance as there are no moving parts
  • Economical cooling
  • Intelligent controller to increase fan life to 5-7 yrs.