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Analyse customer behaviour as they learn about you

Use interactive activities to your advantage. Track real-time customer feedback to improve all online assets

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Here’s what you can do with platform analytics. Find out:
Understand your customer’s thought process. See what they are seeing, what they are ignoring and offer them what they want to be offered with appropriate analytical software and data collecting methods.
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About the service

Webzenia adds analytical tools on your digital assets so that you can understand which web pages are getting maximum traffic, when people are leaving your website, where maximum conversions are coming from; and so much more!

Study customer behaviour through a magnifying lens


Heatmaps colour code your website to show parts customers visited the most. Learn exactly where your customers are going and what they are reading on your website.

Incoming feedback

Have interactive methods in place to encourage honest customer feedback. This will give you contextual information on what is working/not working for visitors.


Transparency can convert interested visitors to dedicated buyers. Learn what is holding them back by replaying real-time customer behaviour recordings.


Allow customers a direct say in your decision-making process with polls and surveys. Surveys also make customers feel valued which can affect the buying decision.

"We had given our website development project to webzenia which they designed very well and completed the work on time. They have got professional team which is very active and ensure that the client is satisfied"

Ramkumar Iyer
Analytics Setup

Why setup analytics for your website?

Understand your customers better with accurate analytics geared for growth
Interactive reports
Infinite segmentation
Data integrations
Data management
Security and privacy
Hyper scalable

Interactive reports

Easy to understand reports for non-technical users We make sure data is decoded and made accessible to users who lack a technical background. Our reports have session playbacks so that you can view session recordings and recognise where users are getting stuck.

Infinite segmentation

Micro-segment data to spot a trend What encourages users to be on your platform? Break down analytics into micro-segments and find out the most appealing factors of your website/service.

Data integrations

Integrate multiple platforms for optimal growth Integrate data analytics with your online advertising account so that you can convert customer feedback to business conversions. Our seamless integration transforms data into realistic goals.

Data management

Make data accessible on the basis of importance Connect data analysing tools with data warehouses and systematically manage data in terms of importance. Track and query segments of data deemed important for business growth.

Security and privacy

Protect your data from hacking and phishing attacks We comply with global privacy and security regulations. Hence you can rest assured your data is saved on secure platforms to avoid interception and ensure that all visitors are safe on your website.

Hyper scalable

Scale your data as your business reaches new heights High volume data importing coined with low latency streaming makes data incredible scalable. The intricate data point acquisition makes it easy for you to grow while still getting real-time analytics.

Our stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Google Ads


advance analytics setups for websites and applications


average years of experience held by our analytics specialists


average data points per website using advanced analytics

"The team is extremely professional and they put in a lot of thought and analysis in creating the content. Our website created by them is well appreciated by many of our customers. We highly recommend them!!!"

Viraj Roongta

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