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What is Digital Transformation?

Transform your business to fit your customer's standards
Digital transformation or DX refers to technology that improves business performance. It can be anything from automating 80% of customer interactions to speeding up internal workflow and output.

While companies were taking minuscule steps towards DX, the post-pandemic era has forced many to test their fate in the digital world.
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Here are some interesting digital transformation stats

89% of growing companies have already adopted a ‘digital first’ business model
DX has led to a 40% increase in efficiency for some companies
DX has a high potential to add great value to the society
Customers are more likely to work with a company that has modern digital capabilities
Yet, 45% of companies surveyed, said they don’t have the right equipment to carry out digital transformation
While many companies have vague digital transformation (DX) strategies, a few companies are yet to deliberate on one. Only a few enterprises understand that a digital strategy is crucial to stay relevant in the industry

Why Webzenia for DX?

Make the transition easy with Webzenia. We have helped 100+ companies come online

We make a plan

Customer-centric transition

We track trends

Take control

Maintaining brand identity

Long term success

Start with a plan of action

We take to account your objectives for digital transformation. For instance, if you want to take up a digital brand model to increase sales Having a plan in place makes sure you are on track with your digital transformation goals

We make customers the centre point of your story

Customers come back when they feel important. We help you create features that put your customers at the centre of your brand. Be it through customer royalty programs or unique customer stories, we make sure your customers feel heard

We identify worthwhile trends from temporary ripples

There's a reason why certain market strategies become trends - they work. Researching market trends is very important to understand why they are working. Once we outline a few market trends that may work for you we cater them to your individual needs

You can finally take control

Digitalisation provides real-time customer data. Information like the number of visitors on the website, number of clicks, and areas of maximum traffic, can be crucial to improving the brand's online presence.

We keep your identity intact

We help you transform into the digital model without losing your brand identity. This creates a sense of familiarity for your most loyal customers who will support you as you find new ways of expression on different platforms

Fruitful in the long run

Digital transformation may seem like a massive undertaking at the moment, but when all your digital assets come together, it can be an asset to the company. DX tools help you understand your customers better, which you can later use to further improve your brand
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Why Hire Webzenia?

We Love A Good Story

The world needs to hear your brand story! A bio that tugs on heartstrings has everyone hooked right from the get-go.

We Are Consistent

Every social media handle has their unique flavour but they collectively represent your brand. We keep you consistently unique on all social media platforms.

We Keep Your Social Media Pages Updated

It’s always the small things that slip out of our minds. But the small things make a BIG difference. We fill out every little detail on your bio so that you can stay on your A-game.

We Show Your Fun Side

As a Company, you may have more work and less play, but it doesn’t have to be that way on social media. We create content strategies that show your fun side for a change.

We Optimise Social Media Pages

We use popular content that appeals to your niche so that they show up for all the right people.

We’re here for the long run

Need to tweak your bio? We’re on it. Did you start a new service? We’ll add it. We’re here for all the small tweaks and turns you want to make on your social media pages.

Our process


Creating the ultimate change story

Paint a picture for yourself. Where do you want to be with your digital transformation in the next year? Let’s write the ultimate change story for your company.


Identifying your digital potential

Which digital platforms/apps/websites will best execute your change story? We will brainstorm the potential for each platform and how it will help your company.


Understanding avenues that need change

Some departments will go through a bigger transformation than others. We will identify the departments that need maximum change and keep them prepared.


Upgrading existing technology

We will update existing technology to do more in less time. Discontinuing redundant technologies and streamlining applications for better performance is also part of the plan.


Deploying appropriate technology

Based on your main focus - customer-centricity or product optimisation (or both) - we will adapt, customise and deploy the appropriate technologies for your enterprise.


Embracing digital change

We begin writing your unique story with all the right hashtags that bring you closer to your target audience. It takes a few rounds of edits before we finalise the words that best match your business.

Let's create magic together! 

Find out how Webzenia can help your organization propel faster online. Tell us more about your brand and your niche so that we can serve you better
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