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Here Are Some Interesting Branding Stats

Good customer service is a part of branding. 73% of customers say they love a brand with good customer service.
Maintaining a consistent brand across all platforms increases revenue by 23%.
⅓ Of the top brands across the world use blue as a part of their logo.
89% of customers continue working with a brand with the same values as them.
Blogging spreads a brand’s views and increases lead generation by 67%.
Is your brand inconsistent? Or is it consistent but failing to keep your customers engaged? A brand is more than a website, a logo, products, services etc. It is an emotion, a positive feeling that comes with a consistent brand.
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A Mediocre Brand Strategy Vs An Excellent Branding Strategy

Mediocre Side:

Does not have a brand sentiment
Minimal customer research
Zero to minimal planning
Inconsistent brand representation
Does not include long term goals
No auditing of existing departments and supplies

Excellent Side:

Clear brand sentiment on all platforms
Extensive customer research - understanding the emotional connection to the product/service
Creating a feasible long term brand strategy
Consistent branding on all platforms and branding collaterals
Includes quarterly and yearly goals
Comprehensive auditing of existing products, services and departments.

Brand Sentiment

A good brand strategy has a clear brand sentiment. What emotions should your brand evoke when someone sees it and how can you evoke that emotion? Very few companies think of worthwhile brand sentiments before starting a business.

Customer Research

Who is your ideal customer? Companies with thorough customer research files understand the emotional connection the customer has to the product/service, or how they feel about an unsolved problem. They place their brand in the centre of the scenario.

Long Term Goals

Where do you want your brand to be in the next year and how do you want to get there? A company spending time on its brand strategy will often deliberate on its future goals. This will impact the way they conduct daily business.

Brand Representation

Consistency is key. A good brand strategist makes sure all their brand collaterals, social media platforms etc evoke the same brand sentiment. If your brand is unable to leave a favourable imprint, you must take a step back and re-represent your brand.

Periodic Auditing

All existing products and services must be assessed, updated and, if necessary, streamlined. Periodic auditing keeps you prepared for every challenge and this reflects strongly on your brand.

Our stats

Graphic design is more than just a trend. It is changing the way we communicate online


clients say their customers stayed on their website for longer after we handled the designs


increase in brand presence for 140+ clients worldwide, after working with Webzenia


Customers have made attempts to reach out to product/service providers after interacting with our graphics

Our Process

Understanding Your Brand

What is the first thing that should come to a person’s mind when thinking of your brand? During this process, we deliberate on the brand identity you want for your brand. This catapults us into an effective brainstorming process that brings your brand to life.

Customer Research

Are you and your customer on the same page? Many companies are not aware of what an ideal customer values in a niche brand. With extensive research, we understand who your ideal customers are and what they are looking for in your brand.

Determining Brand Collaterals

Do customers value your expert opinion which leads them to buy your service? Or are you a constant, trustworthy product supplier? Determining who you are and how you assist customers at varying buyers journey helps you strategise the ideal branding collaterals.

Identifying Company Strengths

Which product/service keeps you in business? We identify your core strengths and sanction them as the marker of your brand. This will give us a good idea of what your customers expect when they work with you.

Improving Company Weaknesses

We are, after all, as strong as the weakest member of the team. So let’s simultaneously take a moment to identify the niche that’s lagging and the technologies needed to pick the department up.

Branding In The Long Run

The biggest mistake one can make is to take more branding responsibilities and give up midway. We help you develop a concrete branding strategy, one that grounds you and keeps your focus on the road ahead.

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