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Build a consistent brand that instills trust and security amongst customers
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Here's why you need a brand strategy

73% of customers say they love a brand with good customer service
Maintaining a consistent brand across all platforms increases revenue by 23%
⅓ Of the top brands across the world use blue as a part of their logo
89% of customers continue working with a brand having the same values as them
Blogging spreads a brand’s views and increases lead generation by 67%
A brand is more than a website, a logo, products, services etc. It is an emotion - a positive feeling that comes through with consistent branding

A Mediocre Brand Strategy Vs An Excellent Branding Strategy

Mediocre Side:

Does not have a brand sentiment
Minimal customer research
Zero to minimal planning
Inconsistent brand representation
Does not include long term goals
No auditing of existing departments and supplies

Excellent Side:

Clear brand sentiment on all platforms
Extensive customer research - understanding the emotional connection to the product/service
Creating a feasible long term brand strategy
Consistent branding on all platforms and branding collaterals
Includes quarterly and yearly goals
Comprehensive auditing of existing products, services and departments.

A brand strategy should include

For the brand strategy to be effective, it needs these 5 pillars

Brand sentiment

Customer research

Long term goals

Brand representation

Periodic auditing

What is your brand emotion?

What emotions should your brand evoke when someone sees it and how can you evoke that emotion? Very few companies think of worthwhile brand sentiments before starting a business

Start with the research-backed approach

Companies with thorough customer research files, understand the emotional connection the customer has to the product/service (or the lack of it) and place their brand in the centre of the scenario

Future goals that keep you on track with the present

A company that spends time on its brand strategy will often deliberate on its future goals. This will positively impact the way they conduct daily business

Colours that carry a strong brand sentiment

Make sure all their brand collaterals, social media platforms etc evoke the same brand sentiment. We begin by taking a step back, identifying discrepancies and re-representing your brand

Audit and streamline services that match your brand

All existing products and services must be assessed, updated and, if necessary, streamlined. Periodic auditing keeps you prepared for every challenge and this reflects strongly on your brand

Make technical content approachable

If you have a hyper-technical niche, look no further. Webzenia can convert your technical content into comprehensible information.
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Our stats

A winning brand strategy starts with Webzenia


Increase in customer retention after brands had more direction to their brand strategy


Increase in sales after improving brand presence


Companies want to improve their presence by working on online visibility techniques

Our process

A key to a successful project is a tried and tested process


Application Design

How do you want to apply VR to your niche? We begin with this question. A document outlines your goals, story, UI objectives, data collection and accessibility. With time we tweak our original plan till launch day



With a solid framework idea, we deliberate on your first project prototype. This prototype solidifies your vision. It’s not perfect; in fact, it brings all the project flaws under the spotlight, giving us enough time to rectify them.


Graphic Design

Our designers work together to create the platform design, 3D models, lighting, movements and VR optimisation. This process takes anywhere from days to weeks depending on how intricate the final design will be.



Once the design is finalised, we begin with the development process. Our developers go back to the original project plan and work alongside designers to create a VR platform that blows life into your vision.



All VR projects go through multiple tests at every development stage of the project. We look out for bugs, glitches and conduct a thorough penetration test to protect users from hacking and phishing attempts.



Once we have a platform, true to your vision we are ready for launch. Our team assists with the installation, application management and ongoing training that follows. We never miss our deadlines!

Let's create magic together! 

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