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What is server management?

With modern technology helping us manage company information, it has become ever so important to store data online in a way that it’s safe and can be accessed at any time. But screening data, removing outdated information, and storing and backing up data in a way that it’s easily accessible, is a challenge.

Webzenia has been managing servers for the last 5 years. We have automated software that manages data, and dedicated staff, trained to take action in case of discrepancies.
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Types of servers that need managing

Manage all your servers from 1 place

File servers

Mail servers

Application servers

DNS servers

Web servers

Database servers

Optimise file storage and enhance internal workflow

Centrally store, manage and backup office files on a server. The software can be optimised to improve reading and writing speeds

Improve customer service with a superior email server

Unclutter your mail with a systematic mail server that stores emails from clients and automates responses based on pre-fed responses

Improve application performance with optimum servers

Increase engagement/workflow by automating application usage with AI programs that simplify complicated application features

Simplify the communication between people and machines

Track and store necessary computer addresses with accurate DNS server management designed to convert human input to machine-readable data

Manage web pages and make every page easy to access

We manage your web pages and make it possible for netizens to access data stored on your web pages with specific search terms

Keep data secure yet accessible any time anywhere

Store important company data in a systematic manner so that it can be retrieved and parts of it can be distributed to clients at any time
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Why choose Webzenia for server management?

Onboard the experts to manage your assets

Custom server setup & management

Every business has unique server management needs. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to understand your server needs before we set up a catered server

Around the clock server management

Apart from having trained employees, we have AI software that manages servers around the clock and makes sure that all operations are running smoothly

Periodic server maintenance

Every growing company will have performance issues from time to time. Periodic server management smoothly scales your servers as per your business growth

Server security

We have data management, backup and restoration processes to secure your servers and make sure they are performing smoothly around the clock

We maintain server stability

A slight inconsistency with the server configuration can derail your workflow. Hence we have experts to update servers on time and ensure that all processes are smooth

We guarantee uptime assurance

Companies function smoothly when they have a good up-time server. We guarantee that our servers will work smoothly for long periods of time without any human interference

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