Host and manage all your online assets in 1 place

Outsource everything that pertains to server management to secure all your online assets
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Manage online assets with Webzenia

We handle everything from security to uptime for all your online assets

Fully managed hosting

We provide unparalleled support to ensure that your websites are running smoothly

Managed WooCommerce hosting

We manage prompt hosting required by faster/bigger e-commerce websites

Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting provides you with stability and protects you from hackers

Why hire Webzenia for managed hosting

We look into all aspects of managed hosting to make sure you have a safe and secure online brand story

24x7 support

Updated hosting technology

Reduced risk

Maintain website speed

Infinitely scalable

Boost performance

Sizeable hosting made especially for fluctuating traffic

Start-up companies often struggle to maintain a consistent flow of traffic on their website. You may notice your customer range fluctuating often. Our hosting facilities are easy to change and update as per the size of your website traffic

Have the latest online infrastructure at your service

Our systems are timely updated with modern software and our employees are periodically trained and assessed with the latest technology. This ensures that you have the best-managed hosting facilities

With experienced managers combing your servers, you can expect fewer risks

Reducing risk is a joint effort (made by both our teams). Every project is different and therefore requires an intricate security management plan. We promptly resolve cybersecurity risks so that you can work without any hindrance

Eliminate potential threats and bulky systems that slow down the website

Speed is everything! If your website is not fast enough, potential customers will run to a faster competitor's website. We make sure your website is fast even during peak hours when you have multiple site visitors

Scale your hosting based on website size and traffic

We have a group of skilled and talented employees who are dedicated to providing multiple customers with flexible hosting services. In the long run, outsourcing your hosting requirement will be much cheaper than doing it in-house

Frequent monitoring that boosts overall performance

We monitor your servers, mitigate risks, enhance speed etc which ultimately boosts a website's overall performance and increases customer satisfaction
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