Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn For Business Relationships

If you have a B2B company, there is every reason for you to be active on LinkedIn. There are around 30 million companies registered on LinkedIn from around the world and a single advertisement on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population – that’s around 924 million people at a time!
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Why LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn helps you build business relationships. It allows you to get in touch with high ranking officials, those who are responsible for making decisions for their own company and are in the position to hire you.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more stats on LinkedIn:
About 61 million users on LinkedIn are high ranking officials
Around 40 million users are in the position of making decisions within their organization
If handled well, 80% B2B business leads can come from LinkedIn
50% of website traffic (coming from social media) for B2B businesses is from LinkedIn
Experts also suggest that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for video marketing

Only At Webzenia

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Facebook Ads


of people make a purchase within 5 days of searching for it on Google


of people who click on Google ads are likely to make a purchase


of buyers search a business on Google before making a decision


increase in Google ad conversions in the previous year

Why Hire Webzenia For LinkedIn Marketing?

Data Collection

We begin all our LinkedIn projects by understanding who you are and how you can help other businesses. We then use this information to build LinkedIn data. Once we know your ideal set of customers and target niche, we are able to better filter your customers in a way that allows you to add value to your customer’s business.

We also research the kind of content your target audience is searching for and content they consider beneficial.

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The research we conduct prior to execution helps us at this phase. We use our creativity and experience to create the kind of content your target audience wants to see. This includes everything from visual content to written content.

The execution phase allows us to bring leads and get you in touch with the right people.

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Once we have gathered enough data on your target audience, we shift our interest to targeted marketing. We can streamline a list of businesses that will benefit from your product or service.

Users spend less time on LinkedIn and this means every second is crucial on LinkedIn. We help you personalize your content so that you can make an impression right from the beginning.

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We want to make sure you look your best on LinkedIn. Allow our team of experts to create some of the most innovative designs within your industry. Over the years, we have perfected our skills and are able to create designs that speak to your customers.

More importantly, our designs are not uniform, rather they are designed to represent you. Hence we take the time to understand your preferences for your company and we create LinkedIn content accordingly.

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Demographics speak a lot about the way your content is being consumed. The aim is to periodically study LinkedIn demographics to make sure that it matches your ideal set of audience however sometimes, the demographics teach us a few things that we may not have anticipated.

Our aim is to read the demographic and understand who is benefiting the most from your content. We then use this data to create lookalike audiences and ensure that you find more like-minded customers.

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Our Stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Facebook Ads


of clients double their revenue in their first year with Webzenia


increase in brand presence for 40+ clients after working with us


average cost per click across ads when working with us

How Can LinkedIn Help Your Business?


Building Connections

LinkedIn is not just about your connections but about the connections of your connections as well. It helps you build a link with everyone you ever talk to on LinkedIn.

Word of mouth continues to be the strongest factor that drives sales and many businesses on LinkedIn thrive because of positive reviews on the platform.


LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn allows you to publish articles within their platform. Currently, the LinkedIn publishing platform is severely underused even when LinkedIn articles are read all over the world. This means that by publishing valuable content on LinkedIn, you can easily get ahead of your competition.

Currently, around 45% of LinkedIn readers belong to higher positions – managers, CEOs, directors etc. They dictate the way their company runs and if you publish valuable content, you may easily build a strong connection with other business heads.

Longer articles that pertain to other businesses, get more shares and likes on LinkedIn than they do on company websites, now is the right time to make use of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform.


Advanced Filtering

LinkedIn has a very interesting feature that allows you to filter businesses in terms of their size, locality, niche etc. Once you have filtered the business you can connect with business owners and pitch your product or service on LinkedIn.

80% of social media business leads come from LinkedIn and it is partly because of this filtering method. Customers may go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to connect with their friends and family but they go to LinkedIn for business. That’s what makes this platform so effective for leads and conversions.


Targeted Messaging

Research shows that targeted marketing on LinkedIn brings about 30-60% leads to a business. However, this process needs to be thoroughly researched and personalised. We only get one chance to get through to a business and we should make the best of it.

Nailing it with potential buyers and filtering your search to perfection requires a lot of research. It’s not easy to dedicate staff on your LinkedIn handle, especially when you have a business to run. This is where we come in!

Let's create magic together! 

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