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Why Instagram?

Visual posts have 650% higher engagement than text-only posts
60% of Instagrammers are between the ages of 18 - 24
In the last 6 months, Instagram has seen 50 million new active users
India has 73 million Instagrammers - the second-highest in the world
At least ⅓ of Instagram users have purchased a product/service on the app
70% of Instagrammers said they are comfortable with online purchases on a survey
Instagram receives about 700 million active users every month; 57% of whom use it daily. The average engagement rate for Instagram is 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter, yet only 28% of businesses use Instagram. Are you a part of the 72% who haven’t considered Instagram as a part of their marketing plan? Let’s change that today!

Our stats

Here is what we have garnered for existing clients


Customers have seen up to 90% of growth in followers


Increase in engagement for aesthetically pleasing brand stories


Product sales have come from Instagram for 42% of companies

Instagram avenues

Use the different features on Instagram to leverage your business


Instagram stories

Instagram feed

Instagram explore

Instagram live


Publish longer videos on iGTV

Create an inventory of invaluable video content; that is longer than a minute. Interviews, live events and anything valuable, grows your brand on the iGTV platform and gives potential buyers something to look forward to

Welcome customers into your every day life

Become a part of their everyday lives through Instagram stories. Many Instagrammers enjoy going through stories and are far more likely to respond because the messages are private which makes the conversation more personal

Use feed posts to inspire, motivate and stay relevant

Pop up on everyone's feed and stay memorable with creative photo and video content. Having an engaging theme and a regular posting schedule gives customers a pleasant experience when they visit your profile

Get a chance to be featured on Instagram explore

Be consistent with your brand and reap the rewards of Instagram explore. When Instagram understands what your brand represents, and sees regularity in brand content, it is likely to show your material on the discover page

Share important events as they unfold

Live videos appear before all Instagram stories. Use this to your advantage to get more followers to click on your feed and garner attention around a new product, service, available updates, insider news, interviews etc

Create bite-sized content for audiences on the go

Use the reels feature to identify trendy audios and create inspirational, informative and creative brand content. Since reels are short and easy to digest, many viewers enjoy seeing your twist to a popular tune
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Our process

A good outcome starts with a process perfected over the years


Market research

We begin with thorough niche-specific research that covers competitor research and hashtag research. This helps us get a sense of where your brand stands in the existing market


Brainstorming content ideas

Instagram has infinite content opportunities for individuals and brands alike. We brainstorm ideas, considering the vast number of opportunities the platform provides to us


Poster design

We add a unique twist to brand colour palettes and create posters that communicate brand ideals, increase engagement and facilitate conversations


Involving visual content creators

Since Instagram is a visual platform, static posters are often not enough. We collaborate with content creators who bring life to your brand with trending tunes and peppy execution styles


Execution and analysis

Following content, the calendar keeps us on track with poster schedules. Quarterly analysis of the existing content gives us a better understanding of what is working


Tweaking the marketing plan

We use existing reports as the benchmark to tweak existing content plans. Periodic analysis and deliberation enable us to reap maximum benefits from your Instagram marketing plans
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