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If you want to expand your business, PPC marketing is the most efficient way to push past all the people who aren’t interested and only attract those who are looking for your product or service. A good PPC marketing strategy will help you cut to the chase.
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What Is PPC Marketing?

Pay Per Click or PPC marketing is an advertising strategy where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. You don’t have to pay for those who have seen your ad but weren’t interested to make a purchase, instead, you only pay for every click on your ad.

So, in a way, you buy traffic on your landing page. PPC ads can work for almost all platforms. You can use it on Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. Apart from the platform, it is actually the background research, bidding and efficient landing page that makes for successful PPC advertising.

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Why Are PPC Ads So Powerful?

There’s a reason why PPC advertising is so effective. It allows you to get through to your customers in less time and at a lesser cost for acquiring every customer. Here are some PPC stats that will blow your mind.
There are 150 billion searches on Google alone
17% of marketers use PPC marketing as their main lead generation tool
There are 150 billion searches on Google alone
On average, 50% of PPC visitors are likely to convert
Businesses earn an average of 2$ for every 1$ spent on PPC advertising
47% of total global purchases are done online

Our stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Google Ads


of clients double their revenue in their first year with Webzenia

1 Billion+

target audience reached across all Google platforms


variations and ad copies created across all Google platforms

Why Webzenia for PPC marketing services?

There’s a reason why PPC advertising is so effective. It allows you to get through to your customers in less time and at a lesser cost for acquiring every customer. Here are some PPC stats that will blow your mind.

We're Transparent

We take great pride in receiving your trust and we want to make sure we are transparent in every process along the way. Our communication channels are open and unbiased.

We're Result Oriented

We ensure that all campaigns are cost and time-efficient. All our PPC ads, keywords and landing pages are heavily researched and are prepared for success.

We Identify The Right Audience

It doesn’t make sense to get tons of audience/traffic if there isn’t any conversion. Our ads are tailored to make your target audience buy the product or fill that form.

Access To Dedicated PPC Specialists

Our PPC advertisers have experience in various niches. We allocate the most suitable PPC specialist to your business. This approach brings you the desired results in record time.

Extensive Testing & Scalability

We design campaigns that are extensively tested with an average of 50 variations. This gives us insights on how we can scale ads and take it forward from there onwards.

Google Ads Certified Team

Our Google ads experts are certified by Google themselves. We update our certifications annually to make sure we’re ready with the latest tricks and techniques.

Our Expertise

In Depth Keyword Research

There is no point in having the best PPC campaign if it’s not targeted towards the right audience.

Research is crucial and we make sure that we not only find the right keywords at the beginning of the project but also update the keyword list as we start to make progress.

Beautiful Landing Pages

Our designers work on the ad graphics and copies. We put in a lot of thought in all our ads to the extent that every colour palette is heavily researched before coming online.

We also include you through the process and ensure that your valid input makes it to the final design.

Efficient & Extensive Testing

No matter how many ads we have tested in the past, we always need to conduct more tests. Every business is unique and the number of customers you attract are unique.

Our main aim here is to test ads and ad sets and spend as little revenue as possible.

Local PPC Campaigns

Did you know that 78% of internet users searching for a local shop on their mobile, actually went to the store offline?

This is why we feel that local PPC campaigns are effective in more than one way. We are equipped to make engaging PPC campaigns that target local search terms.

Remarketing Campaigns

Those who have visited your website once are much more likely to make a purchase the second time. We track those visitors and re-target them with various incentives and offers that entice them to take action.

Remarketing campaigns have a higher return on the ad budget in many cases.

Timely Tracking & Auditing

Our experts use data to track leads and conversions. We study the age group, socioeconomic status, gender, state/country of individuals responding to your ad.

This makes us better equipped for the future as you find more customers who benefit from your services.

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