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Why social media marketing?

Now is the best time for marketing on social media
There are around 4.55 billion active social media users around the world
Each person spends about 2 hours 25 minutes on social media
54% of social media users research products and brands on social media
1.3 million new users joined social media every day in 2020
90% of Instagram users follow a brand on the platform
In 2020, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted network

Increase brand awareness by 42% with social media platforms

Our social media marketing techniques will guide you to your audience

Increased engagement

When used correctly, social media platforms can increase engagement and attract the right audience towards your brand


By creating content styles for different interest groups, we discover ideal customers and learn about them on a personal level

Detailed customer analysis

Analyse social media reports for streamlined content. Better customer awareness enables customer centric content creation

Lead generation

Show customers what you stand for. Generate genuine leads through advertising and organic marketing

Positive brand associations

Increase the number of positive associations viewers have with the brand with strong social media content

Product awareness

With an increase in positive brand associations, it becomes easier to directly increase sales for products and services

Our approach


Social media auditing

A quick look through your existing social media profiles gives us an idea of your existing social media presence


Building a strategy

We build a social media strategy that includes existing themes but pays special attention to your unique group of customers


Creation and execution

With a solid strategy at hand we create posters and post them on the designated platforms with appropriate captions


Studying customer data

Social media business profiles generate customer insights. We study insights and understand what resonates with viewers


Tweaking existing strategies

New insights provided by customer data helps us make educated decisions and further tweak your social media strategy


Executing effective campaigns

With customer centric strategies we are able to create social media campaigns that garner more attention each time

Let's create magic together! 

Find out how Webzenia can help your organization propel faster online. Tell us more about your brand and your niche so that we can serve you better
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