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Why local SEO works so well

46% Google searchers are looking for local information but 56% of retailers are yet to list themselves on Google!
97% Of consumers first learn about a local company through search engines
88% Of consumers either call or visit a local business within 24 hours of searching for it
78% Of location-based mobile searches lead to offline purchases
Searches with phrases ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ have increased by 900% in the last two years!

Grow locally with Webzenia

Why choose us as your local SEO team?

We increase online traffic

With our thorough research and keyword-building strategies, we help you increase traffic on your website and other online assets. Since our focus is on local SEO, this increases the chances of your online viewers becoming your offline customers

We provide legit backlinks

There are many digital marketing agencies out there, who would insert your website links on online directories and questionable URLs. This is very risky and is not at all fruitful. We make sure that all your backlinks come from legit-ranking websites

We rank your brand

Once we know about your niche and your competition, our goal is set to make you rank. And not just that, we make sure that you start to rank for the most competitive keywords within your niche

We have experience

We have been working on SEO for many years and have learned about the changing nature of optimisation. Our experience enables us to stay up to date with our techniques and, we use it to, keep your website up to date

We have a successful track record

Have trouble believing us? Have a look at our track record! We have a portfolio of successful SEO stories. Our customers rank on the first pages of local searches and competitive searches - many of them even rank 0!

We are flexible

Every business has a long-term goal. As your business ventures change or as the nature of competition changes, local SEO goals will also change. We help you accommodate your business plans into your SEO goals

Our stats

Here's a look at how Webzenia helped other industries grow locally


Increase in local leads for 30% of our clients


local customers reached


Average increase in sales

Our process

A key to a successful project is a tried and tested process


Assessing online assets

We assess all your online assets under criteria like overall speed, function, usability, searchability etc. With an overview of your current rankings, we can outline a plan to improve local SEO



We research your niche and your local competition and gather a set of niche-specific keywords. We also research your local competition and gather techniques to outrank them


Local SEO execution plan

Now that we know your strengths, weaknesses, and what is working for your competition, we make a local SEO execution plan. This plan includes all the avenues we can look into to improve your local SEO


Building your ‘Google my business’ page

We’re ready to build your local SEO. We begin by intimating to Google that you have a business. In case you already have a Google, My Business Page, we update it and make sure it has all the right information


Improving website speed and quality

This is the step that sets you apart from the rest of your competition. We improve your website speed and quality, so that it loads within three seconds, and gives your customers all the information they need


Keyword building

Building your local SEO is not a one-time process. It takes time to build keywords and improve your local online presence. This is where our research comes in. We help you build local SEO content using the highest-ranking keywords within your locality

Let's create magic together! 

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