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Why Webzenia for e-commerce SEO

We bring you on the search engine’s first page
We bring quality leads to the website
Become easily discovered within your niche
Improve customer experience with a fast loading website
Establish brand credibility and loyalty

Our eCommerce SEO services

We can use AI in every department for unique solutions

Keyword research and optimisation

Research sets the tone for eCommerce SEO projects. We conduct a thorough competitive analysis and segregate essential keywords based on how often customers use them and the ease of visibility on those keywords

High performing product pages

It is easier to avoid mistakes than to rectify them. Our technical SEO staff thoroughly checks each web page for broken links, repetitive content, plagiarised content or any other issues that can lead to penalties

Building a brand through backlinks

The quality of backlinks to your website directly impacts brand authority. Use authentic, white hat backlinking techniques to build trust and credibility within your niche without spending too much on advertising

eCommerce web design

Technical eCommerce SEO and strategically placed content will make a massive difference in customer experiences and conversions. We build light optimised websites that positively impact sales

Strategic website architecture

eCommerce websites must make their mark to stay relevant amongst buyers. Hence, we make a detailed SEO website architecture to guide your brand (and ours) on where high ranking content should be placed

eCommerce content strategy

High quality content on eCommerce websites gives you more opportunities to rank on specific keywords and connect with customers. Our SEO strategies reduce the cost of customer acquisition by the long run

Interesting market data for eCommerce SEO

The above stats imply that you can give your business the boost that it needs, just from advertising on Facebook!
Google is the leading platform for desktop traffic search with 79% of the market under its name
47% users tend to check 3-5 pieces of content by a company before it decides to get in touch with the company
39% of global e-commerce traffic comes directly from Google searches
80% users say that the ignore paid ads
Online consumer expenditure is on the rise. In 2019, customers spent 14.9% more money than the previous years
We can’t overlook mobile optimisation - 52.2% traffic comes from mobile devices
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How Can Webzenia Help You With Your E-Commerce SEO?

We Have Ranked All Our SEO Clients On The First Page

We are eager to show you results. Once we understand what your product/service is intended to do, we immediately get to work and find an E-Commerce SEO plan that will work for you.

We Are Problem Solvers

Have you tried optimising your website? Try again with Webzenia. We dig deep into your business and evaluate your online assets to understand why your SEO efforts didn’t work for you in the past and suggest better alternatives for the future.

We Make A Plan (And We Stick To It)

Pages don’t crawl on the first page overnight. There’s a lot of planning and strategising behind every webpage that comes on a search engine’s first page. We systematically audit your online assets and use it to work for you.

We Are Always At The Top Of Our Game

The criteria for SEO keeps changing every few months. We make sure that all our writers and developers are updated with the latest SEO knowledge so that all our client pages remain on the top.

We Have A Rounded SEO Approach

There are many aspects to SEO building - it can be backlinking, interlinking, content development etc - but the trick to optimisation is to have a rounded approach. We make sure to include all aspects of SEO in your website optimisation strategy.

We Use Efficient Tools And Analytic Systems

All our SEO experts are well versed at using SEO tools and analytical systems to track each search term and their performance. Studying your website performance allows us to tweak your E-Commerce SEO plan to further benefit your niche.

We Follow Ethical SEO Strategies

All our SEO strategies are in line with the rules and regulations put forward by Google and other search engines. We take great care in building an authentic reputation around your website and would never take any step that may harm your business.

We Keep You Updated With All SEO Endeavours

We make sure you’re in the loop every time we take a new step or add a new piece of content/make changes in your SEO plan. Your business is your heart and soul and we will make sure that you are a part of every step along the way.

We Think Of The Big Picture

What is the end goal? Getting more sales? Loyal customers? Or higher interaction? We discuss the big picture right at the start of the project and take steps every day to come closer to it. The big picture evolves with time and our SEO goals evolve along with it.

Our process

A key to a successful project is a tried and tested process


Understanding your product/service

What are you trying to sell and who benefits from your product/service? We understand your brand from a customer standpoint. This helps us in the later stages of developing an optimised eCommerce website


Building A Search Term Inventory

Once we know the key search terms potential customers are using to find your products and services, we build a search term inventory. This list includes a list of the long tail and short tail keywords that apply to your business


On-page SEO

We use our search term inventory to build website content that is bound to attract your potential customers. Long term and short term keywords are strategically placed throughout the content so that the page shows up in ideal searches


Content marketing

One of the best ways to show up on the first page is through blog articles. It helps you connect with customers on a personal level, establishes you as the expert and increases the number of search terms used on your website


Link building

Along with keyword optimisation, we also work on link building to optimise each website page. When your pages are interlinked, customers are far more likely to browse through your website and find what they are looking for


Technical support

We also look at other aspects of E-Commerce SEO which includes website speed and optimisation, mobile optimisation, backlinking, local SEO etc and suggest changes that will benefit your business

Let's create magic together! 

Find our more about how Webzenia can help your organization propel digitally. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.


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