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Influencers are a direct source to customers
Businesses make approximately $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing
Instagram is currently the most important influencer marketing platform with more than 79% of respondents
40% of Twitter users say that they’ve purchased a product after seeing a Tweet from their favourite influencer
70% Of teenagers say they connect more to YouTube celebrities than traditional film and television stars
6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say they will take advice from their favourite Youtuber rather than their favourite TV or Movie star
We live in an era of social interaction and influence. A good brand image falls short if there aren’t enough people saying good things about it. Influencers help companies of all sizes. While large companies work with influencers to maintain a brand image, small to medium businesses can partner with an influencer to get more exposure around their brand

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We work with influencers who are as passionate about your niche as much as you are!


Tie-ups with influencers from popular niches


Content created through influencer marketing


Increase in sales through influencer marketing content

Influencer categories

Tell us about your product and we’ll find you the right opportunities

Health & nutrition

Nutritious additives, health tonics, nutrition apps


Sporting equipment, apparel, shakes and supplements


Cosmetics, makeup, beauty enhancers, applicators


Apparel, trendy comfort wear, accessories etc


Eateries, ghost kitchens, instant eatables, snacks

Interior design

Painting, re-decoration, carpentry, home decor tips


Parenting, pregnancy products, apparel, lifestyle products


Pet food, treats, toys, beds and other products


Booking websites, travel destinations, hotels, tours

Why Webzenia for influencer marketing?

Tie-ups with 150+ influencers from popular niches
Research first, approach second, strategy
We coordinate with influencers, negotiate prices and ensure timely publication
Shine through influencer marketing with minimal effort
Track your success post content publication

Our influencer marketing strategy

Ensure timely delivery with a solid strategy



The project begins by sparking a genuine interest in your brand and stirring curiosity amongst reputable influencers. Content creators are selective with the brands they associate with. Breaking the ice is a crucial step in the process



An intricate selection process matches the individual with the brand. We filter the existing group of influencers, interested to represent your brand, and work with those who are most likely to enjoy your products and services



We concretise the project with an official influencer marketing contract. The contract outlines project incentives, pricing, timeline and other terms and conditions in detail. It ensures timely delivery and protects both participating parties


Content guidelines

While the influencer may freely discuss their opinions about the product, they must ensure the product functionality and limitations are explained with accuracy. Influencers are briefed on respective legalities surrounding the product


Quality assurance

We ensure the final content has accurate product information and is at par with what was initially discussed. This includes everything from the product description, content quality, content duration, essential links and hashtags etc



We analyse content performance post its publication. Interactions, conversions and long term relationships that form through influencer content gives us a better understanding of who your clients really are and what they want to solve

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