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If done the right way, email marketing can bring in new customers before any other marketing strategies can
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Email marketing is a central pillar of a well-thought marketing strategy
21% of emails are opened within the first hour of delivery
47% of marketers say that email marketing is the most effective marketing channel
Emails are 40% better at converting than Facebook and Twitter
61% of email subscribers like to receive 1 promotional email every week
49% of people decide whether a mail is worth opening by looking at the subject line
Personalised emails show a 50% higher CTR
Email marketing is saturated, making it harder to penetrate into your audience’s mind. We combat the problem by experimenting with tonalities and structures to ensure you get the best results. Conversion rates improve with time as we start gathering more data on your audience and their specific interests

Our capabilities

Have a well-rounded email strategy that includes a number of intricate processes

List building & management

Building high-quality email lists to ensure the constant addition of new potential customers

Design & development

Segregating customers based on the channels of accumulation and individual buyer’s journey

Mobile responsive emails

Integrating design with content and creating multiple iterations for the perfect email campaign

A/B Testing

Optimising emails for mobile readers and ensuring they stay engaged with your content

Campaign creation

Testing content and design via different sets and recording data to improve customer experience


‘To er is to human,’ hence AI may outperform humans on functions that collect and analyze large amounts of data.

Our stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Google Ads


Delivery success rate for clients across all industries


Unique email templates created for different audiences

10 Million+

Emails successfully delivered to large groups of consumers

Why us for email marketing

Better research. Quicker adaptation. Faster results

Faster results

Good email marketing involves a learning process. You can leave out the process while still getting good results with us

Automation tools

Human intelligence coined with automation tools garners the best results. Never worry about manually sending a mail again

Unparalleled client retention

Research, accurate messaging and mailing at the right time has led to an increase in customer retention for 80% of our clients

Ongoing support from experts

Be a part of every step of the email marketing process. Our email marketing experts keep you aware of the latest updates

High CTR rates

A good CTR is 15% per mail. Our CTR is high for 75% of niches and it exceeds expectations with every coming month

Accommodating changing data

Innovating ads lose their appeal over time. Hence we constantly update our marketing strategy to stay relevant to customers

Our email marketing strategy

A step by step process to success


Understanding your niche

While email marketing hooks are fundamentally similar, customers respond differently to various subject lines. So, our first step is to understand your niche and learn what has worked so far for others in the same niche


Gathering customer data

How do you want to use email marketing to approach your customers? Who has signed up for your mailing list? Our next step is to collect customer data. This includes age, gender, socio-economic status etc


Segregating customers

Personalised emails have a higher chance to be read than generalised ones. We segregate customers based on the channels used to find them, products that interest them, individual buyer’s journeys etc


Email design and content

After gathering adequate data and segregating customers, we are ready to work on the content and design. We create multiple iterations with different colour palettes and subject lines to settle on designs that will work best for you


Data collection and tweaking

We gather data from every mail and analyse them. Data gives us a better understanding of what’s working for customers. We then use it to tweak future mails - designs, content and subject lines - for best results


On-going data analysis

Data collection never ends because your audience is constantly growing and moulding their choices. With time, data and content bring us accurate results. You will notice an increase in conversions with time

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