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Industry stats for blog writing

Companies that blog, get 97% more clicks to their website
Blogs are rated as the 5th most trustworthy source of information
77% of Internet users say they read blogs regularly
59% of people will share an article without reading it
Marketers who blog have a 13x chance of higher ROI
57% of marketers say they got customers by blogging
Let’s combine your niche experience with our writing experience and create what your potential customers are waiting to read! It won’t be long before you establish your place in the market and have readers come back to you for more!
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You'll find writers everywhere, but only a few will strategise until you get desired results
Quick turn-over for high quality content
An 80% chance to rank on the first page
Articles scoring above 95% on Grammarly
Proven 5 step editing and publishing process
Unique blogs with in-depth market research
Articles vetted by the Hemmingway app

Our stats

We write reader-friendly blogs outlined for those with busy lives


High-quality blogs published for abundant niches across verticals


blogs and articles ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing


clients return for more articles and other forms of content

Our blog writing strategy


Understanding your buyer's viewpoint

Who is your potential buyer? And what kind of information are they looking for? We start by creating a fictitious ideal buyer and contemplate their possible questions around your niche. We also collect concrete data for a realistic buyer portfolio.


Building keyword list

Keyword collection is a crucial part of buyer data. It tells us what your potential customers want to know about your niche. We make a flexible list of important keywords for a perfect blog plan. This will give you the best opportunity to appear on search engines.


Competitor research

Competitor research gives us concrete data on how others are providing valuable information to your niche enthusiasts. This information will identify a gap in the market. It shows us what potential customers have in abundance and what they are missing.


Devicing a plan

A blogging plan includes the number of blogs published every month, the estimated length of each blog, the best timings to post the blogs and keywords we’ll cover each month. A successful blog plan is well researched and allows for steady growth.


Creating high-value content

The blog writing process segregates into many steps. Our writers research and write the blog and send it to our editors. Our editors and writers go back and forth to create a polished copy. We also use editing software to check for typos and plagiarism.


Analysing and tweaking

Maintaining a blog is all about studying your reader’s response, learning, and creating valuable content. Analysing your content performance helps us get a better idea of what your readers want more of; enabling us to produce more catered content.

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