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Web development stats that will blow your mind

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Slow loading websites lose around 1.2billion dollars every year
89% customers will buy from a competitor if they have poor customer experience from the website
38% visitors stop interacting with your website if they don’t find it interesting
47% Netizens say that they expect a website to load within 2 seconds
Your website has lesser than 10 seconds to leave an impression on customers
About 94% people judge a website based its mobile friendliness

Our stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Google Ads


of clients double their revenue in their first year with Webzenia

1 Billion+

target audience reached across all Google platforms


variations and ad copies created across all Google platforms

Why Webzenia for web development?

Build Custom Websites For Custom Needs

We take pride in building unique responsive websites with designs you won’t find on other websites. We understand that you are unique and special and we will never reduce your website with standard designs and overviews.

No Delays

After understanding your requirements, we create a time table for the web design, development and launch. We stick to the schedule and so that we can launch your website as per the designated time.


Transparency lies at the core of all our projects. We understand that it is not easy to trust someone with your business hence we are transparent in every step. From the time we brainstorm till the time your website is launched, we remain clear.


We understand that web development is a long process and your business goals may change in a few months. We are always happy to accommodate changes in your endeavours and goals. This may take a few tweaks and turns but the greatest websites are built with a fluid plan.

Building Our Knowledge Vault

The web development industry is evolving; new technologies come and go everyday. We understand that even with our educational qualifications and experience, our knowledge is never complete, hence we always strive to learn more and use the newest methods to build your website.

Websites Of The Future

For a website to be effective it must change with the times. We may not know what will happen in the future but we always create websites that can be updated, changed, evolved and accommodated for the future.

Industry Experience

We have worked with the fashion industry, the pet food industry, human resources and our list keeps growing everyday. Our expansive knowledge of various industries allows us to build a website that is built for success.

Robust Security

Protecting your web data is our utmost priority. We keep special security systems in place to protect your website from hackers, online theft, data breaches and so on.

6 step success process

Working with 1000+ happy customers, we have perfected our website development process that simplifies output and makes you happy each time. Now you can develop your website in 6 steps.


Your Requirements

We begin by learning what you want and what you want your website to do - will it be a brochure, or an interactive sales representative? Does the website sell products or does it tell customers about your business? All these questions are very important at this stage.


Silo Structure Creation

A silo structure is a detailed list of all the pages in your website. It will show us how each page is connected and how many sub pages each page will have. The silo map is a very valuable tool for you as it gives you a birds eye view of every page on your website.


Web Page Layout

Once the sitemap is approved, we begin with the web page layout. Our designers create visuals for each page. Our attempt here is to visualize each web page and to show how each web page will work and how it will interact with customers.


The Development

After finalising the design, we use light code to create a website that is less bulky. At this stage we accomplish two major things - we code the same designs for the website and we provide the tools for future updates and optimisation.


Testing & Launch

When the website layout is finalized, we test all functions and prepare for launch. We always launch your website on a day and a time when it will get maximum traffic. This will automatically increase your website traffic right from day 1.


Maintenance, Security & Updates

Technology is changing and the date of launch should not stop your website from evolving. We update your website regularly, add changes and future endeavours and make sure it’s running smoothly even after launch.

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