Easy to use CMS systems that make work-life a breeze

Build systems that reduce manual workload by the hour and improve workforce efficiency.
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CMS is the final piece that holds everything together

The CMS market will reach 123 million by 2026
43.8% of websites have a custom made CMS system
Currently, 24.8 million websites use WordPress because of its CMS system
Update your website at will. Keep track of customer/employee data. Feel empowered with customised CMS systems that allows for 90% of internal content changes.

Only at Webzenia

Build a customised CMS catered to specific needs
Change 90% of all website content with a flexible CMS
Smooth CMS - does not affect your website speed and performance
User-friendly systems with streamlined options
Built-in SEO tools on every page
Ongoing protection to protect content and data

Our capabilities

Explore the endless possibilities of well developed CMS

Open-source CMS

We make e-commerce website data more accessible by transferring them to an open-source platform

Enterprise CMS

Outsource everything from storage, security, processing and publishing so that your enterprise can shine with ease


Use CMS to generate meaningful conversations that lead to conversions in B2B and B2C scenarios

Dedicated CMS team

Get immediate responses and solutions from an experienced CMS technical team

Client engagement

Our CMS expertise coined with your industry experience is an ideal combination for optimal growth

Support & maintenance

Routine updation, monitoring and addressing troubleshooting issues keep your CMS running smoothly

Our stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Google Ads


bespoke CMS applications and dashboards developed


project success rate across all verticals worldwide


users reached across all CMS development projects

How we transform agencies and brands with custom CMS?

We use tools to build CMS tools

Wysiwyg Editor

Wysiwyg helps create a pixel-perfect published text document

Admin control

Have complete control of all content published on your website


Easeful security updates that doesn’t keep you away from other duties


Create endless templates with the world’s more popular CMS


Ideal for those who want to explore beyond the boundaries of templates


Easy to use CMS alternative for e-commerce business owners

Our process

Empower your enterprise with a flexible, user-friendly CMS


Review & planning

Every CMS requirement is unique and we want to start the project by knowing your unique needs. What is the CMS concept and what do you want to control - product upload/removal, blog management etc. We make a list of all your needs


Mockup & design

Once we know your requirements, we create a few CMS design templates that best suit your requirements. All our templates follow a systematic order, fulfil a diverse set of requirements, are easy to use, flexible, and make your work simpler



After finalising a CMS template, our development team will get started on the backend. We will configure an easy to use, SEO friendly CMS template that you can use to publish high ranking content and take your company to the next level


Content upload

We upload web page content, product catalogues, data and other forms of content to give you a smooth start. We may also train your staff on the CMS depending on how you want to upload and manage content in the future


Quality assurance

Before going live we conduct a thorough quality check. Our quality managers evaluate if individual CMS processes are running as planned and if the systems are secure and not impeding other website functions



Depending on the complexity of the system, it may take anywhere from weeks to months to launch the CMS. Be ready to resolve all your problems with an easy to use content management system that frees you of workload

Let's create magic together! 

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