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A killer logo is that final piece of the puzzle that completes your brand and makes it whole.
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Industry overview

Logos are the most effective visual branding tool - Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text
Logo designs and colour palettes have led to 80% of all brand recognition
60-90% of buyers make subconscious decisions about a brand based on their design and colour palette.
33% of the top 100 brands use blue in their logo
Surveys show that men prefer bolder colours and women prefer softer hues.
Go through multiple trials and experimentation before you settle for the best. Webzenia conducts extensive research and covers all avenues of design before we present your logo.

Logo design capabilities

Tell us your logo vision and we’ll make it happen




Abstract logos



Convert business names to acronyms

Do you want to convert your long business name into an acronym? Let’s make your company acronym into a memorable monogram logo to stand by

Match a colour palette to your brand name

To stylise your brand name into a memorable logo, look no further. We bring life into your wordmark logos through styles and colour palettes

Have an image represent your brand

Some of the most memorable logos in the market are pictorials. Do you want to be in line with some of the most established brands? Let’s start with pictorial representations

Build depth and layers through minimalistic designs

Sometimes a single line can carry a depth of emotions. Abstract logos are minimalistic variations of pictorials intended to carry out a symbolic brand representation.

Humanise your brand with a brand mascot logo

Do you have a brand mascot? Let’s humanise it with an immortal logo representation. By looking into your niche, and clientele we can create a captivating brand mascot.

Emblems that personalise your brand image

Those going for a traditional look can choose emblems, or an image logo with stylised text. Over the years many have personalised emblems, and you can too with Webzenia.
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Only at Webzenia

Logos combine human psychology, science and business. We incorporate these fundamentals in all our designs
Some styles are trendy, while others withstand the test of time. We create design solutions that are relevant in the years to come
100% unique designs finalised after multiple rounds of experimentation
Unlimited logo edits to ensure you get the design of your dreams
All our fonts and design elements come from credible sources to keep you safe from copyright claims

Our process

Logos have a creative iteration process. Our steps below keep us on track with the project.


Understanding your needs

We begin by understanding your needs. We schedule a long conversation and discuss your expectations, thoughts and ideas.


Thorough research

We dig into your niche, learn about suitable colour combinations and brainstorm visuals, colour palettes and abstract iterations.


Experimentation and judgement

Once we have gathered enough material, we test our ideas. We create multiple combinations and finalise 3 suitable logo designs.


Visualising your design

We polish our designs, create visuals that line up with your initial vision and use proven elements to attract customers.


Feedback and edits

Of course, with a logo design project, one copy is never final. We go back and forth a few times until we find a winning design.



We submit multiple sizes and files so that you can replicate the logo everywhere. PDF, JPG and PNG files are some of the many variations.

Let's create magic together! 

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