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Why hire a professional graphic design agency? Here are a few stats

In 2019 the total revenue generated by the graphic design company was 15 billion Dollars
94% of consumers leave a website because of poor graphics
While a web user’s average attention span is 6.8 seconds, efficient graphic design can increase it by 50 milliseconds
Since a visual material is assessed within 50 milliseconds, graphic design plays a strong role in creating a strong first impression
Visual dimensions cater to 92% of all purchasing decisions
The right colour graphic can increase readership by 40%
Graphic design is an art. Years of experience combined with the natural ability of the artist, creates graphic designs worth adapting. Our expert designers understand visual fundamentals and use it to make your brand a work of art

Our graphic design capabilities

Our design capabilities spread across various avenues of graphic design. Let us look at some of them below:

Branding design

Marketing design

Packaging design

Print design

Publication design

Graphics in motion

Design choices that bring your brand to life

We can design brand identities from scratch and can finalise brand colours, shapes, textures, typography etc, based on your brand identity. Let us bring your business to life with all the right visuals to support your brand collaterals!

Create graphics that enhance your marketing copy

We can create infographics, posters, catalogues and all the visuals needed to showcase your product/service in the best light. Our team has the latest customer psychology tools which, when combined with the right graphics, can increase sales

Personalised packages that make unwrapping a joy

Where will your product be displayed? Can it spill? Is it heavy? Design a package that showcases your product in the best light! Our systematic product design strategy allows us to come up with the most ideal package design
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Create print-ready designs for online and offline marketing

Create visual advertisements for both online and offline marketing. We help you create social media posters that double up as printable banners, pamphlets etc. We take the necessary measure to prevent bleeding between the lines

Create unforgettable designs that are ready for publishing

Are you self-publishing our novel? Let us design the ultimate cover that forces customers to buy on impulse (that’s all you need to start your career). You’ve worked hard on your manuscript and we want to work just as hard to bring it to life

Create motion graphics to engage customers

We have some of the most experienced designers who are eager to create the perfect ad in motion. We create moving visuals and/or add animations to an existing voice-over. Our visuals are designed to aid your business
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Only at Webzenia

We are good communicators
We are consistent with brand design and image
We spend time on research
We are well versed with multiple design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CoralDraw etc
We pay attention to detail
Our strengths lie in our ability to collaborate and provide unique design solutions

Our process

Mindblowing designs start with a consistent process


Creating a client brief

With creative processes like graphic design, a thorough client brief is important. We grasp your requirements and ask the right questions to get a feel for your criteria


Researching and brainstorming

We thoroughly research your industry - the technology, the competition etc, - and brainstorm ideas that seem like a good fit for your brand


Creating a rough template

With research and a few vague ideas at hand, we start creating a sturdy outline for your brand. We experiment with shapes, templates, words to create a wholesome design



Once we have a solid outline for the project, we send it ahead for feedback. Since graphic design is open ended, there is usually a lot of feedback for the project


Editing till finalisation

We make a note of your feedback and suggest what can/cannot be adapted into the design. We edit and adjust the design till both parties are satisfied



With the final design at hand, we are ready for launch. We decide on a specific date, usually a weekend to launch your design and watch it make an impact

Our stats

We make a difference with design. Here are our stats


Customers come back to us for more design-related projects


Increase in customer interactions after adding graphic design elements


Graphic design copies created for clients all over the world
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