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Facebook is the oldest social media platform that still holds an important place in the hearts of many. Currently, there are around 2 billion people on Facebook. This means that 2 billion unique people, with different likes and interests, are on one platform. You are bound to find people who are looking for your products/services.
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What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook first came in 2004 and it started gaining a lot of popularity by 2008 – 2009. By 2012, they already had a billion users. As they kept growing, Facebook perfected their advertising strategies for business owners.

Now all businesses, whether big or small need to be on Facebook to grow!

Facebook marketing is the process of creating and using a Facebook page to raise awareness about your business, drive traffic to your website, build long term relationships with followers and generate authentic leads.

Why Is Facebook Marketing So Powerful?

The above stats imply that you can give your business the boost that it needs, just from advertising on Facebook!
74% of users log in on Facebook every day.
74% of Facebook users are high-income earners.
The overall ad impressions on Facebook increased by 37% in 2019 and the average cost per click for Facebook ads is just $1.72.
Facebook is the third most visited website in the world.
Facebook has 1.62 billion users, of which, 41.3% users are from Asia and 21.9% from India.
Every hour Facebook has one new purchase.

How Does Facebook Marketing Help Your Brand?

Facebook is the richest social media platform in the world. 20% of the world’s population is on Facebook and the numbers are still growing. Because of its strong reach, Facebook can do things other social media platforms can not.
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Things like check-ins and detailed analytics are specific to Facebook. It is also made to suit a diverse range of businesses. Shop owners can showcase their products, hotel managers can start the check-in facility, the service industry can generate leads etc. This goes to show that Facebook is for everyone!

When someone finds out about your business, they are most likely to check for a Facebook page and evaluate the brand’s authenticity.

Unfortunately, only 48 % of marketers find Facebook effective. There’s a lot that Facebook has to offer and if we get it right it can determine the direction your business is heading.

Why Hire Webzenia For Facebook Ads?

The above stats imply that you can give your business the boost that it needs, just from advertising on Facebook!


When it comes to marketing on Facebook you deserve the best. Webzenia has been marketing on Facebook for more than 5 years.


We are eager to learn from you and adapt your business identity on your social media accounts.


Our team is known to understand your business requirements and create visuals that best suit your personality.


We optimise all campaigns systematically and periodically. This ensures effective usage of your ad buget and getting more results.


We always keep up with the latest Facebook marketing trends which is why our clients are able to increase leads by upto 30%.

Data Driven

We want to drive traffic towards your website and we do it by closely studying your analytics and improving our techniques.

Our Stats

Webzenia propels long term successful growth for brands across verticals through Facebook Ads


of clients double their revenue in their first year with Webzenia


increase in brand presence for 40+ clients after working with us


average cost per click across ads when working with us

Our 6 Step ads success process

We understand that one size does not fit all. Every company is unique and therefore their Facebook marketing requirements are unique. We begin by understanding the nature of your business, your aura and business goals so that we can communicate it uniformly on your Facebook page.


Data Capturing & Analysis

We capture all company data points from wherever we can including existing data sources with our client (if any). We analyse all your prev campaigns and competitors and audit this data to create a singular report


Market Research

Through extensive research, we find out the pain points about our target audience. We answer questions like: what creates an impact on them, what our competitors are doing and where to find the advantage from it


strategy Development

After data collection and research, we create a strategy to move forward. We identify ways to build an audience, engage them with your brand and create qualified leads. A good strategy results in successful campaigns


Creative consultation

We consult clients depending on what they want. We have the team and the tools to tell your story in an effective manner. A creative speaks volumes about your brand and product!


Response & Management

We double up as your complete Facebook management team. This means that we do everything from creating posters to replying to comments and personal messages.


Assessment & Optimisation

We update and monitor data through out the campaigns. Assessment and data analysis helps us futher optimise every campaign and achieve higher conversions at lower costs.


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