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AI is transforming industries

Around 77.6 billion dollars will be spent on Enterprise AI by 2022
By 2030, approximately 80% of business processes will be done by AI
37% of companies have implemented AI processes in some form
63% of companies will switch to AI to reduce production costs
AI boosts labour productivity by 40%

Artifical intelligence for different niches

Your niche has a unique AI solution waiting for you

Scientific research

AI plays a key role in predicting and mapping data to speed up scientific research that would otherwise take decades


AI plays a crucial role in autopilot modes like aeroplanes and cargo ships, yet, the potential of AI in transportation remains undiscovered


AI can be integrated into the health field to avoid medical errors, monitor patients and provide unparalleled patient care

Lifestyle & comfort

We can send mails, order groceries and flip through television channels with a simple verbal command to AI VAs

Online security

As more companies shift their data online, the need for AI devices to act against potential threats is a mandatory requirement

Data collection & analysis

‘To er is to human,’ hence AI may outperform humans on functions that collect and analyze large amounts of data

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Webzenia creates bespoke AI solutions targeted to solve unique problems and create efficient workflows


Bespoke wearable technology software developed in-house


commercial enterprise applications developed in-house


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Our process


Data collection and organization

The marker of good AI software is accurate data collection. We extract and organise data to match your requirements. This step and may take anything from days to weeks, depending on how intricate the AI will be


AI design

Once we have the data at hand, we brainstorm effective ways to make the data accessible to the consumer. Our design consultants help us design the face of the project while still staying true to its functionality


Platform development

With an approved design at hand, our development team joins the project. They develop a fast-performing AI solution that can easily interact with consumers or can map and maintain data to give us unique analytics


Efficiency testing

To ensure you get the best results, we conduct a thorough efficiency test. The test checks if the software does all that it is intended to do, is user-friendly, collects real time  data and brings accurate results to the consumer


Prepare for launch

Once the AI software is built to perfection, we prepare your app for take off. Webzenia is punctual with all their projects. You can rest assured that your AI app will be launched within the proposed deadline


Employee training

We do not stop at the launch. AI is changing the way we handle information and employees deserve to stay at par with it. We will train your team to take the AI interface at full stride and use it to reach new heights

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