Aircon With Heat Exchanger

Infokool Heat exchanger is unique IP 65 based cooling solution used for maintaining the Telecom equipment’s at desired Delta T and with complete protection from Dust and moisture. Heat Exchanger is not only low in cost but also saves huge opex cost as it doesn’t require regular maintenance unlike AC. Infokool has huge range of heat exchanger and also has ability to customize design as per the cabinet size & load needs


Capacity: 35/70/100/130/150/200/330 Watts/Kelvin


  1. IP 65 protection cooling system
  2. Very less opex cost
  3. Negligible maintenance cost
  4. Keeps Telecom infra protected from external conditions
  5. Designed for 24×7 applications
  6. Intelligent customised logic controller
  7. GI powder coated body
  8. Capacity can be designed as per Delta T required